How to spot some sponsorettes

10Some of you have been asking how to find a sponsorette if they don’t have the booking info in their bio or don’t have that many followers. It’s simple. You can find Sponsorettes or aspiring Sponsorettes in just about any wealthy or seemingly well off Guy’s page. Here we have @mkhabtoor who is a notorious sponsor from Dubai, seems like a cool guy. His profile is basically a sponsorette portfolio. You can have your pick of #Hoe or #HumanDiaper by checking the comments under his pictures. #YoudThinkTheseBroadsWereInTheSaharaWithAllThatThirst #WeSeeYouCommentHandsomeUnderThatOlderMansPic #YouNotLow #TryingToGetHummusBenefits #TagTheSponsor

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