p1 p2 p3 p4We have a little surprise for you guys to enjoy over the weekend. This is what booking info means on a girls Bio. Grab some Popcorn and go sit on the crapper. You will enjoy this one.
“where are you?”
#TheyWaitedForHours#WompWomp#TagTheSponsor Enjoy your weekend!

p5REALLY?!! You’re going to stick to the lie? The more you lie the more we will post!!! Is she aware we have the videos?!!!! #DelusionalDiaper #WhatAPuppet #PavementPrincess #TagTheSponsor NO LIE SHALL EVER PROSPER AGAINST US -SPONSOR 11:3
 claiming the messages were photoshopped. We will never, ever, post something that is false and try to ruin someone’s reputation. That’s why we have taken down posts immediately in the past and apologized for it after noticing some claims were false. Let me know if this is photoshopped pavement princess. You just dug your own grave 6 feet deeper. #TagTheSponsor

Yea photoshopped

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