5If you request us, and you’re private and I request you to see who you are and you deny us #RedFlag But if you block us then request us again, you’re automatically #SellingPussy in my book. #HowDareYouPuppet #TheIQofASpoon#YouHaveReceivedTheAnonymousSponsoretteAward #Hoe #StudentInHoeology #WithAMinorInHoecialStudies #TheOnlyThingYouHostIsDeezNuts #FreakishTV #FreakishRates #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Listen Mr. Tag the sponsor. My friend who is a fan of your page showed me your account on IG and we are always laughing about these hoes selling theyre bodies in dubai (where I have never been) or wherever. I am a Host I am a student and I work at a Bar for my living. I think you should make differences, this is not a fair treat. I wanted to follow you cause i was curious of these conversations after i heard about your page. When you asked me to follow i was irritated and started believing u might abuse my pics because i didnt know your profile yet. Well for that reason, I just suddenly decided to block you, maybe I forgot t take off the request, but I never added You again. Now I ask you kindly, would you please unpost my profile on your account? Its nothing but fair. My friend texted u already on IG. Thank you in advance! Daphne

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