Take a vote Tuesday 2

9Episode 2 of our New weekly game called Take A Vote Tuesdays. You will help me decide if I should accept or deny a request by studying the potential #sponsorettes profile. Rules. You do not tip off the person, nor harass them until a verdict has been made, which will be made by 5:00 PM EST. Here we have @hjizzy not sure if she’s trying to infiltrate, or just a fan. Let’s take a vote. #TagTheSponsor *comment below noting any redflags, feel free to elaborate why I should or shouldn’t accept*2*DRUM ROLL* We have decided that for #TakeAVoteTuesday @HJizzy is definitely associated with #TheSaleOfPussy Though we have no concrete proof that she partakes on #HoeingActivities but based on the people she follows and on certain #Blessed uploads we were able to identify #Redflags. From trips alone, to the sudden “come up” in Vegas and exotic gifts and trips. We are elated to say that you’ve been #Denied based on #ProbableCause and #UnderTheRicoPussyLaw #ConspiracyToSellAss and #AssociatedWithCertifiedHummusRecipients #AndDiapers Stay tuned for next weeks episode on, #TakeAVoteTuesday, only on #TagTheSponsor

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