2*DRUM ROLL* We have decided that for #TakeAVoteTuesday @TiffanyTothxoxo is not a #sponsorette so welcome! Don’t think she’s selling pussy. Some of you might say she’s guilty by association. And I wholeheartedly agree with you guys, Tiffany you follow some hoes, we acknowledge that. But I doubt she’s here to spy, most girls have a fake profile to spy on ex boyfriends and rivalries, if spying was the reason she would’ve requested me from there, not her popular account. Also remember we are on here trying to expose pretentious sponsorettes, flaunting the gifts, and gaudy designer presents they receive, and trying to shame others who don’t sell pussy. So Tiffany, once again welcome! And guys lets be nice and stop saying her last name is misspelled! Stay tuned for next weeks episode on, #TakeAVoteTuesday, only on #TagTheSponsor

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