TakeAVoteTuesday Episode 4

Guess what time it is?! Episode 4 of Take A Vote Tuesdays. You will help me decide if I should accept or deny a request by studying the potential #sponsorettes profile. Rules. You do not tip off the person, nor harass them until a verdict has been made, which will be made by midnight EST. Here we have @eileen_espinoza not sure if she’s trying to infiltrate, or just a fan. Being that 40% of my followers are probably from Miami, I know someone is bound to know this suspect. So, spill it. Is she #SellingThePoon or #GuiltyByAssociation ? Let’s take a vote. #TagTheSponsor *comment below noting any redflags, feel free to elaborate why I should or shouldn’t accept*


NO FUN *Welp* Looks like for #TakeAVoteTuesday @eileen_espinoza came up with the verdict herself and blocked us. #Guilty ?We were going to deny you anyways. Inside source submitted that the girl isn’t smart enough yet to know how to market herself for the big bucks and sells the poon for backstage passes, drinks and trips. She’s still in #BottleRatAcademy and rather get likes on Instagram, I give it a few months until she’s in Dubai or in #LarryTheCEOs PJ. Someone should get her the #INeedASponsor tshirt, with those pics she’s definitely looking for a bidder. Apparently the #Trollop Has the IQ of a slice of bread. Not much to see here.? Stay tuned for next weeks episode on, #TakeAVoteTuesday, only on #TagTheSponsor??

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