Booked for life

4This is what happens when your sponsor stops paying your electricity and phonebill. To all our sponsors following us, yall stay safe. It ain’t all hummus and sex in these streets. Shits getting out of hand. Here are some ways you can stay safe, never catch feelings for a sponsorette, if you plan on sponsoring a trollop let her know the sponsorship contract time frame, 3 months tops. Never make it a habit of getting her gifts, or make her dependent on you where you are automatically expected to pay her expenses, specially If they’re not claimed as dependent on your taxes. If anyone has any tips to keep the sponsors safe in these cold red bottom streets, comment below. *EDIT HER INSTAGRAM WAS CHANGED TO: @d.y.z.0126 *#TagTheSponsor

5#WhenSellingPussyGoesWrong#BetterFindAPensatuckeyToSponsorYouInJail #OITNB#TagTheSponsor

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