Take A Vote Tuesday Episode 5

1Guess what day it is?! Episode 5 of Take A Vote Tuesdays. You will help me decide if I should accept or deny a request by studying the potential #sponsorettes profile. Rules. You do not tip off the person, nor harass them until a verdict has been made, which will be made by 5:00 PM EST. Here we have @ezgiixx not sure if she’s trying to infiltrate, or just a fan. Let’s take a vote. #TagTheSponsor *comment below noting any redflags, feel free to elaborate why I should or shouldn’t accept* *Tips: You can check the kind if men she follows, photo map, trips, if she’s tagged with any potential sponsorettes, etc*

IMG_5279*DRUM ROLL* We have decided that for #TakeAVoteTuesday @ezgiixx will be accepted. Though the contact info (what do you do?) and the lack of bf pictures throws me off a little, I think it would be unfair to state that she’s selling the pussy. Other than those two things, the only real redflag that had us hesitant on accepting was the picture with a few potential #Sponsorettes. Maybe she’s on here to take a few pointers on how to discreetly #SlingThePoon and not land on #TagTheSponsor. All jokes aside, welcome mf. Hope you contribute some good material, start submitting. I know you have friends in LA that #SellMorePussyThanPetco Hopefully You steer clear of the #HummusCartel Stay tuned for next weeks episode on, #TakeAVoteTuesday, only on #TagTheSponsor

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