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  1. This is hilarious. Could also be an alternative way they make their money!

    Keep it up, pal, I’d personally contribute to your defense fund if needed.

  2. Nice try ! Keep going with this shit man !

  3. Better call Saul!

    Yes I am sure USA will extradite a national to Poland for freedom of speech….this is hilarious.

    Also it is only defamation if the what is being claimed is not true…you fail polish boy.

    • hehe but not in Poland. Under polish law if you in public imputes to another person such conduct or characteristics that may discredit them in the face of public opinion or result in a loss of confidence necessary for occupation or type of activity you bear responsibility for such activity, unless you can prove that your allegation was true and was made in defence of a justifiable public interest. And yes, burden of proof is moved on person who made such statements.;)

      But generally i agree with you thats hard to imagine a situation when sch case could be settled by a polish court.

      • coming from Poland.

        I strongly doubt this ‘letter’ is for real. I strongly doubt any serious attorney would believe that US will extradite a national to a foreign country based on that country law. To me this looks like a veneer to cover the ‘shit’ just to be able to state to the relatives ‘it’s all fake – the lawyers will take care of it’ – don’t worry mate. Good job on exposing a total lack of limits. P.S. This concierge and Sandra girl have a lot to worry about as pimping is a serious offence especially in Dubai, not to mention Poland. She has no place to come back, especially in case she didn’t store the conversations from those ‘models’. If she has – then it’s another story.

      • Under polish law it is a crime to threaten someone with Penal Code.

    • this hasn’t been written by an attorney. cheers from poland.

    • Well, I’m from Poland, and to be honest, i don’t think that Polish Foreign Office will care about 2 sluts selling ass. It’s obvius that they’r lawyer try to do something to help them, but if the situation with vip group was true, there’s nothing to do.

      On Polish sites similar to reddit, many people that knows these girls personally or from “second person” confirmed that these girls was all about money.


    • yay your knowledge about international LAW is just sooooo pooor …..
      Well freedom of speech and insult isnt the same thing… you go to your law officer and tell him ” your shit eating fucker” and keep insulting this way and when you will fase the courth you insulkt the court as a shit eater also and after that you will remind them u got freedom of speech :D.
      lack of education in our country is so annoying.

      anyway you keep it going mate they actualy cant make any legal steps against you unitil you arrive to Poland :). so keep it up and tagthepsonsor.

  5. Further more, this explains how limited the brain capacity of eastern European people is.

    • you shouldn’t generalize, it is sais the same about your nation

      • Poland is Central Europe primo, secundo: you should write Eastern with capital E 😉

      • Strongly inappropriate. Generalization as such is a domain of people with small intelligence. From my Polish perspective it’s quite funny, cause up to 6% of USA citizens (and I assume you are one of them based on the popularity of this portal) has Polish roots. If we talk generally about ‘Eastern European’ than it’s double-digits number. Read the history of immigration of your own country. It’s almost as funny as Nazi Germany with proved 30% population with Slavic genotype 😉
        PS. In Poland those publications are not treated as insult to Poles, but to ‘moronic whore-model’ so cut it out.

      • I’m imprest that american people knows the word European. Do You know it’s outside the US?

    • Lol what a idiot comment. Look at western countries, specially on USA, The most stupid country.

    • I dont quite get what nationality has to do with it? This shit is everywhere, no matter what country you may think of and I am talking about both west and east world. People seem to be losing true values and trust me , some of them (us I should say) are ready to do worse things for money, killing would be just an example. They demand money as compensation? Guess where the east Europeans saw it first? American news & movies. Further more your comment is an obvious proof on how limited your brain is.

      • Tomek, don’t expect too much from people in the country where possessing the “Kinder Joy” is forbiden even if You are 18+ 🙂

    • HAHA Americans..

    • Poland isnt eastern Europe smart boy. But still im impressed you knew that Poland is not in Russia – like mostly all your brothers from America . Cheers

  6. Being from Poland all I can say is, that I’m laughing my ass off, because they will not find any court, not even one, which would make anybody pay 500k PLN for something like this OR send anybody to jail for this LOL. Plus, this lawyer doesn’t even speak proper english wtf? I’m laughing so much right now.

  7. buahaha :)) i cant see that any of those shiteaters will spend at least 20 k usd for putting any action agains anyone in the US . they dont know the prices of legal actions in the US . In Poland this cost 100-500 usd, when in the US its 20 K USD -1 million USD depends of lawyer etc… they wont spend a dime for US ticket unless Mohammed will cover the trip 🙂

  8. Smart Lawyer getting cash for doing shit 😉

  9. Omg.. I’m Polish girl and I really feel ashamed because of bitches like them..Just unbelievable.

  10. I’m Polish. There was a doctor in Poland that was curing his patients with his dick.
    He told woman it is magic stick that cure cancer. Nearly hundred woman was treated before he was caught.
    There were young woman and they paid him for his old dick!

  11. holly CRAP! How CUM they become so POOPular by doing sucha a stupid thing? I saw it on FECESbook and I still cannot DIGEST it. Let’s just DROP that topic ok? It’s a WASTE of time… 🙂

  12. Let me guess… that legal genius sent it by Instagram/email while the only acceptable way to sent such stuff is mail letter? What a joke…

    Let me guess… they have been harassing you with Polish criminal prosecution while you are far away from Polish jurisdiction?

    Let me guess again: law firm’s name began with W.?

    And again: advocate’s surname began with S.?:DDDDDDDDDD

    If so, you have no idea what joke they love to made of themselves… ;DDDDDDDDDD

  13. Do a shit on main room carpet, blame dog.

  14. This silly girls forgot about very imprtant fact – your blog isn’t governed by polish law 😀 And it’s unbelievable, that they want compensation for revealing the truth. It made me laugh 😀

  15. I am Polish, and please: do not remove anything! 🙂 They do deserve it. Those crappy celebs of young girls, followed by thousands of them on Instagram. Let them know what they really are and what they do. And if you have any proofs on that one, then by all means, please post it 😉

  16. I’m Polish too, I hope se they’re famous in their places, because of this SHITTY affair 😉

  17. Yeah. the “lawyer” will try to get shitload of money, by doing crap nothing, while his English proficiency is a bit turd.

    Tagthesponsor please keep up good work, we have lots of laugh in our boring Eastern European country.

  18. haha so many NATIONALITY thing going on and still 93% of prons and hardcore porn stuff recorded in USA … and what is this about? all of them are doing that for money just those instagram girls are nicer.

  19. masakra z tymi modelkami….

    zapraszam też do odwiedzeniahttp://www.kyiv-ukraine.eu

  20. Just tell’em you ain’t gonna put up with their shit. They should understand.

  21. What a literally Shitty bussines this hoes got into, they ate shit and now got to return the shit load of money to the “lawyer”. I am Polish and I can’t belive have many whores we have in Poland who are in Public eye pretending how STINKING great they are. I hope no one says hi to this hoes by giving them a kiss, cuz they spread Shit loads of germs. Fucking sheme shame. Dziwki, szmaty I sraczkojady i kurwy. Blehhhhh #vomit

  22. W Polsce jest bardzo dużo takich “modelek” “g…ównojadów”. Jestem fotografem i mam na takie pindy podgląd.

  23. Even if this was written by a legit lawyer, all lawyers do the cease and desist bluff, it is the cheapest way to get results and works a lot. Very few people will actually litigate because it costs so much and results are not guaranteed. In an international situation like this, they have to go to court in Poland, find our who you are, get the necessary judgments if possible, then try to collect and or get you deported at which time they will probably get laughed at by US authorities. Probably like a 2% chance this crap would actually go anywhere, if even that high.

  24. http://www.wykop.pl/link/2443407/afera-z-udzialem-polskich-modelek-tym-razem-probuja-pozwac-wykop/ similar case was taken to wykop.pl for sharing/taging your provocation they want only tenth of the money … ( they didnt get 25 k $ and now want “no shit” money – pecunia non olet ;p )

  25. Abstrahując od prawa do prywatności (zauważcie, że nawet mordercom zakrywa się uczy i utajnia nazwisko) i tego, że nikt nie musi nosić na czole etykietki z nazwą zawodu, jaki wykonuje (niby dlaczego od dziwek się tego oczekuje?), chcę zwrócić uwagę na efekt tej prowokacji, który może być zgoła odmienny od tego, co twierdzą sami jej autorzy i z czego uczynili swoją misję. Mianowicie chodzi im o efekt wychowawczy. Że niby zrobili to, żeby otworzyć oczy młodym, zapatrzonym w celebrytki dziewczętom i żeby pokazać im, jak okropne rzeczy trzeba robić, żeby cieszyć się splendorem, przepychem i życiem na wysokim poziomie. Że to wcale nie jest takie “glamourous”. Otóż efekt może być zupełnie przeciwny. Zwłaszcza w naszym kraju. Taka siksa, kiedy ma do wyboru zapieprzać na kasie za 1400 plnów na rękę (w nieco lepszej pracy nawet za 3000 pln) albo wyjechać na tydzień do Dubaju i przez dwie noce konsumować czyjeś stolec (w końcu ile może tego gówna być? człowiek to nie koń, co to sra często i obficie) i dostać za to blisko 100 tyś plnów, czyli kilkakrotność swoich ROCZNYCH zarobków, może jednak skusić się na tę drugą opcję. I uznać, że to właśnie lepsze niż ciężka praca. Czy nikt o tym nie pomyślał? Moim zdaniem ta akcja wyrządzi więcej szkody niż pożytku. Bo tępe i łase na kasę panienki mogą być oszołomione zarobkami, jakie oferują szejkowie (nie wiemy, czy nie są to stawki z sufitu, w końcu to prowokacja, a nie prawdziwa sytuacja). A przecież nie każdy szejk będzie chciał im srać do mordy, większość zapewne będzie chciała zwykłego seksu za nieco mniejsze, ale wciąż mega lukratywne pieniądze. Wystarczy się zgodzić, a będą mogły żyć tak jak ich idolki-celebrytki. Na bogato. Bez wysiłku. Balować cały rok, pracując zaledwie przez kilka tygodniu w roku. A reszta frajerów niech zapieprza za minimalną stawkę i unosi się honorem. Moim zdaniem lepiej pokazywać pozytywne wzorce, niż dawać pomysły na zajebiście lukratywną prostytucję, jaką wykonują te panny z instagramu.

    • Co taka siksa pomyśli widząc na jaką skale takie zachowanie jest wyszydzane

      • Będzie ostroźniejsza i nie będzie się afiszowac na instagramie, żeby jej tacy domorośli kontrolerzy podatkowi nie wzięli na celownik 🙂 Liczy się kasa, jaką może zarobić w ten sposób na wygodne życie.

  26. Oto dowód kłamstwa panny B.L:
    Przy swoim zdjęciu instagramie stwierdziła, że nie zna panny Sandry C., czyli pośredniczki w opisanym procederze:
    Gdyby usunęła oto screeny:
    Panna Sandra C. usunęła swego instagrama, ale w internecie nic nie ginie, oto screeny:
    Po wpisaniu nazw instów obu panien, należy otworzyć kopie usuniętego profilu:

    No i? Czy ma ktoś jeszcze wątpliwości? Czy one mają nas za idiotów?

    • For tagthesponsor:

      the guy above just posted proofs that the girls knew each other despite denials after the news broke. To me it’s clear this is a close circle of friends (having wine together, etc). Sleep well mate and continue exposing those ‘models’:)

  27. make screenshots of those pages peeps before they ask google to remove the content based on some funny EU law

  28. Call the police! The sluts are being called sluts on the Internet. This is comedy gold. Good luck from Poland.

  29. Call the police! The sluts are being called sluts on the Internet. This is comedy gold. Good luck from Poland.

  30. good job! (y)

  31. Współczuje chlopakowi panny B.L. Ten chlopak nic o niej nie wie! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • To chyba jednak powinien wrzucić w google co piszą o tej pannie -sorry arabskim gównojadzie- i zaleźć sobie inną laskę
      Życie to nie bajka…

  32. Good job! Greets from Poland!

  33. Them don’t have any chance to win in Polish law court

  34. młody wykształcony z dużego miasta

    also greets from Poland
    what hurts me the most – is that because of all this shity freedom – women now do what they want and no longer are “mother, wife, shy , polite”,
    some decades ago woman had to be with honest man, respect family values,
    nowadays women prefer gangsters, hooligans, than average honest hard working man, a lot of our girls act like prostitutes,
    i was lonely for few years, although i am educated , not drinking person, 2 decades ago i would be ideal material for husband, nowadays they do not want men like me, they want local gangsta , local hooligan, local idiot from gym (only to be tall and body builded) , they even say they do not care if man steals or robs, they want expensive gifts,
    there is problem with women since they get rights and freedom , traditional conservative family dies,
    drugs, disco-techno, hooligans culture replaces it, only handsome and full of money, even if stolen money,
    i lived , rather i ve grown in most dangerous district of my city, with very high criminal activitiy rate,
    i seen local gangsters having many women, every woman from my street wanted to have boyfriend from mafia,
    me or my friends who were not stealing, who were educated – we were lonely for years,
    local lad, who was drug dealer , who had sentence for drugs once told me “mate, i change woman whenever her anus is worn out from anal sex , when she gets loose, her meat is useless”
    and such guys are never lonely , such guys have newest sport cars, such guys have 5-10 beautiful girls every year,

    • młody wykształcony z dużego miasta

      additional info

      some time ago i had few dates and what our women told was schocking, in Poland usual monthly salary net (after taxation) is ca 2000 PLN (700 USD), i earn 1000 USD (3000 PLN) so i earn better than average Pole,
      what few women told me ?
      “if man earns less than 5000 PLN than he is lazy looser and sucker and deserves to be forever alone”
      they do not want to work, they want sponsor,
      i have a very educated friend of mine, he earns 6000, he said, he doesn’t want wife which is bitch, so he lied about his salary, he was saying women that he earns 1500 to check reaction – which woman will love him despite of salary
      it took him 6 fu… years to find woman who wanted him, than he told her truth that he earns very good
      he wanted to test if woman is bitch/whore, it took 6 years to find such one

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