Episode 7 take a vote Tuesday 

Guess what day it is?! Episode 7 of Take A Vote Tuesdays. You will help me decide if I should accept or deny a request by studying the potential #sponsorettes profile. Rules. You do not tip off the person, nor harass them until a verdict has been made, which will be made by 5:00 PM EST. Here we have @taylarkaster ?not sure if she’s trying to infiltrate, or just a fan. Let’s take a vote. #TagTheSponsor *comment below noting any redflags, feel free to elaborate why I should or shouldn’t accept* *Tips: You can check the kind if men she follows, photo map, trips, if she’s tagged with any potential sponsorettes, etc*

The verdict is in! For episode 7 of #TakeAVoteTuesday we have decided that @taylarkaster raises a few #RedFlags She might be thottin on the side, but don’t think she is #ForSaleForSale She is definitely someone who is impressed with a mans money and likes to hang around people with money. Fledgling money groupie. Not full time #HummusRecipient just yet.  This one’s a tough one To be honest.  She travels to different places, but then again these places aren’t the most exotic places. At the same time, #NoJob pictures. Here are some of the observations provided by followers. First thing that caught everyones eye #DoesntCatchFeelingsSheCatchesFlights Def #TropllopQuoting . CRE Investment? But has a Gmail account set up for the Business?  Have a feeling she would prefer if guys invested their members into her #AxeWound for a #Reward. 43 weeks ago she took a pic in what im assuming to be her bed room. The damn room could hardly fit her bed in it which means all of these trips & adventures probably don’t fit her budget. Went 42 weeks back on her timeline. She’s got someone buying her Cartier braclets & won’t say whom #FlagRedderThanLindseyLohansPubes . one of her friends in a VIP Concierge jessicachang_ .  Doesn’t say what company she works at. If she’s that proud she would give her work email. What kinda professional is taking these revealing pics? She definitely isn’t in the investment management career field. Maybe managing the investments gown to her from #LarryTheCEO . She had real #LowSetTitties 103 weeks ago. She’s alone or with girl friends and travels to nice places. I’d suggest she is one someone else’s dollar but not necessarily fucking for money as a full income. Seems to have #SponsoretteTendencies but I don’t think she’s currently doing it. For the right amount she might for sure. A lot of her scenic and landscape pics aren’t even hers, just her “daydreaming”. For the people who say she comes from money..Look at her oldest pictures. No flashy party pics, no flashy outfits, no loubs, casual/sporty style (Steve madden heels, & Jordans) and corny acrylic nails. A few party pics at D list clubs. ONE pic with parents. This girl loves to show off, if she had rich family/parents everyone would know. Her first loub pic, she claims it was a gift sent to her home. She is also part of http://www.qteesgolfgirls.com/about-us redflags just like the golfcourse. Looks like she started her Hoetivities 113 weeks ago when she got her first pair on red bottoms “from a friend”. Then started taking pictures 106 weeks ago with a lambo and #Mohammad claimed it was his lambo and looking through his pictures around the same time it was confirmed.  She says “investment management” however there’s no record of her having any finra licenses (finra broker check), although this would only really apply to the private wealth side. That being said her linkedin says commercial real estate Broker, but upon searching the Nevada real estate division (Can look up a license online) there are only three people with the last name “kaster” and none appear to be her. On top of that most of her connections on there are bottle girls/models. Says she went to Boise state and that she graduated UNLv in 2011 with “bachelor business admin, business, management, real estate investments, finance”. So she has 5 majors or a combination of majors/minors?? According to the UNLv admissions site, it’s actually called bachelor of science in business admin (B.S.B.A) of which all the ones she listen are programs in it, but not sure why she would list simply “business” as well as “b.b.a”. You’d think a person that went to the university would get the program and major/minor combo correct on their LinkedIn page??? The fact that she has some generic summary of her job and I can’t find a record of a “cre investment managment” or her actually having a license Id say she’s got some major resume B.S. Going on, at best she’s a glorified assistant, probably knows a bunch of promoters who get her access to shit, probably not taking $30k direct to go to Dubai though. #denied Stay tuned for next weeks #TakeAVoteTuesdays only on #TagTheSponsor

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