@iwantbunee takes the bait

Don’t be surprised. You can try it yourself. Out of 10 “models” with booking in their bio 4 will agree to #SellTheBox for certain amount, and 1or 2 will agree to be #Diapers if the price is right. How else can these girls afford the monthly lavish trips, the high end clothing and Jewelry without a job? No real modeling campaigns, and constantly alone in all their images. Ask yourself these questions. And if you’re still doubting us, try it yourself. Just know these girls are pro and will inspect your profile and who you follow. So just seem legit and you will notice how easy they fall for it. Simple. #TagTheSponsor

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  1. You A Model Huh?

    Damn. That means that 1 in every 10 girls you meet in these circles are WILLING be recipients of a “Dubai Deuce” for cash. #50shadesofcray

  2. Great site.

    Do you take requests? I have a “model” or two in mind!


  4. I’ll take a request. I have a good profile to get them. Shoot

  5. Great deal on this one . Exposing urban models one at a time . Hope to see the Jessica K, Ayisha Ds, and Jasmin Cs, exposed soon too….so tired of these weak Instagram simps (dudes) glorifying these hookers. I mean pimping isnt easy…yet at least know these "models "’arent national treasures yet mere stocking "stuffers ". Have fun and stay thirsty my friends

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