I’ll be in Warsaw this coming weekend 

Lost a bet with a buddy of mine.  If lost I had to book a ticket to Poland. Since we’ve been all over Polish news, national tv and radio, I have to spend a weekend in Warsaw wearing the “I don’t sponsor” shirt. So if any of you fuck head “Lawyers”, journalist, or Sponsorettes spot me, come say hello, better yet come sue me. Just remember #IDontSponsor ? #IHave99ProblemsButASponsoretteAintOne #TagTheSponsor 

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  1. We must support those who fight courageously and risk their lives for human rights and democracy. 😀 Greetings from Poland!

  2. Yo Dude you’re gonna be popular here in Poland in no time 😀

  3. please bring at least 100 tshirts with this logo , there will be PLENTY of people who want to buy them and wear them 🙂

  4. i will , also i suggest to change flight time to warsaw , after You post flight details here there will be a lot of media waiting in the arrival zone , and since this is recently no1 topic in polish gossip media there will be A LOT od them 🙂

  5. We must support those who fight courageously and risk their lives for human rights and democracy. 😀 Greetings from Poland!

  6. hahahaah 😀 No to będzie wesoło

  7. I hope you will have fun. Kiss 🙂

  8. They are blackmailing you. You can shit on them. Silly girls.

  9. Post youtube videos of your Polish media appearances! I’m getting my popcorn lol

  10. Welcome to Poland!

  11. You built a pretty big fan base in Poland recently and that means a lot of free drinks during your stay in Warsaw 🙂

  12. Inform pudelek.pl you will be famous xd and get nice party for sure

  13. ask about “Good Morning TVN”, they will be dying to talk with you 🙂

  14. Great job! all the best in Poland -Pozdrowienia 🙂

  15. Don’t be scared of Warsaw architecture, it’s a mix of western (post-soviet) and eastern Europe (nowadays). Be sure to visit Chmielna Street, Zlote Tarasy and Łazienki Palace. Anyways, have fun!

  16. It may be somewhat shitty travel 😉

  17. if it’s not a secret – what is main goal of your visit in Warsaw? 🙂

  18. Bro, you need to tell us where and when you will be appearing. I never wanted to high five anybody so hard in my entire life.

  19. Let me know if you want to party it up in Warsaw, whilst seeing the fruits of sponsorship that the town has to offer. As I assume you a cool lad, so it would be a pleasure to show you around

  20. Thagthesponsorrete you’re visiting 😉 the deal got real

  21. Thagthesponsorrete you’re visiting… So the deal got real… 😉

  22. Say thanks to Wykop.pl. This site promoted your news in Poland and this is the reason that this is in tv. 500k views (:

    • It’s a kind of a “Polish reddit”. They’re now getting some complaint letters from a lawyer who represents some of these shitty models.

    • If someone still doesn’t know, “Afera, bogaci arabowie srają polskim modelkom do ryja za kase” means “Affair, rich Arabs shit into mouth Polish models for the money” hahahahha…

  23. Go to some posh clubs (Sketch or Foksal) in Warsaw and you will see a lot of “models”.

    • I po coś to napisał…
      Teraz gówniary sorry modelki będą pędzić do tych klubów żeby je bzyknął alfons za kasę marząc o milionerze i łatwym życiu
      A skończą z Arabem …

    • don’t forget ’bout evergreen – platinium, delite and whole mazowiecka street. But remember the main rule – look, but don’t touch, or you might catch not so funny disease…
      #ThisIsScience #HoecialStudies #Hoethematics

  24. Come to CRACOW. 🙂

  25. Miss Angelika Fajcht deleted all posts with awkward questions on her Facebook’s fanpage 🙂 This must have some signification 🙂

  26. i co frajerze zostałeś się ze strachu i nie przyjechałes ha ha !!!!

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