TakeAVoteTuesday episode 8

Guess what day it is?! Episode 8 of Take A Vote Tuesdays. You will help me decide if I should accept or deny a request by studying the potential #sponsorettes profile. I know the last few episodes have been way too easy to spot, this one is tricky. Rules. You do not tip off the person, nor harass them until a verdict has been made, which will be made by 5:00 PM EST. Here we have @abbieburrows ?not sure if she’s trying to infiltrate, or just a fan. Let’s take a vote. #TagTheSponsor *comment below noting any redflags, feel free to elaborate why I should or shouldn’t accept* *Tips: You can check the kind if men she follows, photo map, trips, if she’s tagged with any potential sponsorettes, etc. Any supporting detailed comments will be used on the verdict caption* 

The verdict is in for episode 8 of #TakeAVoteTuesday ?we have decided that @abbieburrows is not a #sponsorette and will accepted into the family. Other than the tits, no surgery like most of these #Trollops. Anyone with that body has a lot of dedication and focus, and the results speak for themselves so she has to be a good trainer. I’m sure never short of fitness trainees. Some of you mentioned she might be associated with #Sponsorettes. She’s based in Vegas, 8/10 girls will be #SlingingThePoon for cash. I know a few drug dealers, doesn’t make me one though. Welcome Abbie, hope you support the page! Stay tuned for next weeks episode #TakeAVoteTuesday only on #TagTheSponsor

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  1. she’s a spy though, she used to be featured on TheDirty but got her lawyer to take down all the posts.

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