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Props on tagging the sponsor. But there’s an issue here. The Russian #Trollop kissing  the #Sponsorpreneur’s bald head didn’t upload any pictures. This is what we call #ThrowingShade by the accounts admin. Just threw her #CoSponsorette under the bus. #5GirlsAndAShark #MoreLike #5HoesAndARichOldNigga #HeShouldBuildATankForTheseTrollopsWithANeverEndingSupplyOfWaterForTheirThirstyAsses #HoecialStudies #ThisIsScience #TagTheSponsor 

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  1. Can you please take this down from the website as you have done for the instagram account? Thank you kindly.

  2. Why … it’s so good to see. I mean, this guy O’Leary has *serious* cash …. i wonder how much each girl got.

  3. people should know how this “stars” earn their money

  4. I know 2 of the girls, they’re not cheap lol

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