International hoe

International business woman eh? #WhatBusinessAreYouIn #TheHugeTitsMustveSuckedTheLifeOutOfTheEyebrows #EyebrowGameAnorexic #AllTwittersAreFakeLikeYourTitsAndDignity #WithThatFaceYouAintNoGlamourModel #SelfMadeHuh #YouMustBeYourOwnSurgeon #HummusModel #SponsoredByMohammedAndLarryTheCEO #NiceFacebookLink #WhosYourHusband #LarryDoesntCount #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Last year I wrote a long post on Facebook talking about these Instagram girls and got some hate. I am a woman, I love fashion, makeup, travels, abundance and all these good things life. You could call me shallow because of these things but what is going on is a shame.
    In the same post I spoke about Islam and religious intolerance.

    The irony is that Tag the Sponsors is at the intersection of these 2 things.
    I thought you could find it interesting.

  2. London/LA/Miami, but where is Dubai? #MohhamedIsSad

  3. Funny thing is her friend back her up saying she owns a business and all that crap. The other stupid thing is she WAS a prostitute even though she says she never was but i hired her a few years back and she definitely does sell herself for sex. She only does it for rich guys now though

  4. [img][/img]

  5. You A Model Huh?

    Was wondering when this one would show up, she is well known P4P in London.

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