Flight attendant huh 

Even with the best airline, most get paid 3-4k a month and that’s working 1st class and it takes years to gain seniority and you still work like a dog. She clearly met #larrytheceo On a flight or #MohammedTheSheik. I didn’t know the Cabincrew of emirates was paid in cash.. First off, all emirates flight attendants are based out of DUBAI – the only way you can work in LA is if you’re ground staff ?? second, the picture of her in the Thailand hotel room, was not from the Hilton Bangkok, which is the hotel emirates crew stays in, the rooms from hilton do not look like that. And from inside emirates sources no other American Crew knows her.  #HoecialStudies #Hoethemathics #TellUsWhatYouReallyDo #HummusCartel #SellingPoonWorldwide #WhatThatMouthDoFor10k #HumanDiaper #EmiratesMyAss #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Not disagreeing with the red flag but most of emirates flight attendants are international. In fact, id be surprised if more than a quarter are based out of Dubai. It’s against their company culture

    Source : did a case study for them once

  2. flightdeck floozie

    Every single Emirates crew is based in Dubai but Ive heard some have a part time job too especially the Eastern Europeans iykwim

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