She Khan do many things for money 

  Who’s old crusty wrinkled ass liver spotted hand is that? #TagHim #LarryTheCEO #RepeatedOffender #LooksLikeTheCrabsCrawledOutHerPoon #TheAudacityOfTheseChickens #CallsHerselfAnInternationalBusinessWoman #WhatDoYouDoForALivingHuh #ShowUsThatW2 #ChloeKhanSpreadForPay #ButKhanYouShowUsYourTaxReturn #Trollop #PavementPrincess #HoecialStudies #Hoethematics #TagTheSponsor 

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  1. flightdeck floozie

    shes well known in UK. Was on X Factor in 2010 when she had no money. Claiming unemployment benefits but hookering in motels! even went looking for clients on her x factor audition! Name was Chloe Mafia then like

  2. She recently posted a pic of an article run on her in some English gossip mag. She has become the new face of the Spearmint Rhino (strip club), which would be more impressive if she wasn’t dating the guy who owns them all, John Gray. He’s 58, so this hand might be his. She had a kid who’s about eight, not his. Also, apparently she was a cam girl and now owns a bunch of can sites and just makes money off other girls she hires. So she’s basically a madam. She’s super proud of that Rhino gig, like why? You only got it BC your boyfriend owns the clubs!

  3. Also she was just published in Playboy Slovakia. Everyone knows Playboy is dead, it has no relevance anymore.

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