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  1. Seems kinda dull to play a straight up hooker. Or is that your point, that hookers use Insta, too?

  2. Already changed her ig?

  3. It’s a throwback because you couldn’t get something new did you???????

  4. She based in Vegas… and a simple google search pretty much confirms that she’s an escort and she doesn’t seem to hide it…so meh.

  5. Instagram has become like Gotham City; corrupt, decadent and full of fraudulent hoes.

    Tag The Sponsor is like Batman – fighting these criminal hoes with vigilante justice from the shadows, using only subterfuge, intellect and brutal tactics.

    I sleep easy at night knowing you are keeping us safe from these hoes.

    Also, best hashtag you guys have written was for @syrianprinny#BitchShapedLikeTheMenInBlackAliensInTheCoffeeRoom

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