Nadia Ney was notorious #Trollop from (KOD, Tootsies) in miami goin by the name of Dolce. she retired stripping but now she is a full time #PavementPrincess. Was flown out and sponsored by NFL player Philip Wheeler who’s dating @ash3nicole. On the day flown out to Newark in New Jersey Philip was playing the Jets.  Coincidence? The #Trollop was too dumb to conceal the confirmation number, because she wanted to flex her first class ticket. All you need is the confirmation and last name to see the receipt. And what do we find? Check out the name of the Card Holder. According to a few people, she told she was flying out for a modeling gig. Nadia, next time just #TagTheSponsor        

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  1. Haha hahaha fucking whore

  2. You A Model Huh?

    This chick looks like a tranny.

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