Hummus leader 

  Hummus Cartel leader. #ButYouDoGiveAShit #LiterallyIfYouCatchMyDrift #HabibiPimp #TheyLikeHimBecauseOfHisPersonalityLOL #YouCanTellTheLaxitivesAreKickingIn #SabraSprayer unfortunately you won’t see any of the girls post a picture with him. You’ll see pictures of the same night, same table, and same outfits but no #Momo insight. #TagTheSponsor 

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  1. This dude looks like some Taliban member. Wtf

  2. He’s paki right? Likes the white pussy though. Hypocrite ??

  3. Check out his pic with the hooker Demi
    rose Mawby. All cheap prostitutes with this ball bag. Scum

  4. flightdeck floozie

    lol so i am right! Demi IS a hooker! she blocked me on twatter

  5. Check this fat ugly guys pics on Instagram. He’s a disgusting excuse for a life. Waste of oxygen.

  6. Is a recruiter for the DXB folks? Where’s he get the money to get the girls?

  7. Oh yeah, Demi Rose Mawby is the queen of the Instagram hookers, traveling hooker. Works in Dubai, Maimi with those Taz Angels and I think now she is off in Canada, she doesn’t even have any shame about it.

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