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  1. She published screen on her instagram profile….
    Money for shopping – it is clue for sex with girls

  2. I literally don’t understand how these girls think they are worth $30K USD to bone — let alone on top of that give extra money for shopping. Is the world so hard-up on reasonably priced local hookers? /confused

  3. I don’t know what’s sadder these girls charging that much for sex or the losers that will actually pay thousands for it? How much of a bum with no game do you have to be that you have to fly low level skanks to come have sex with you for that much money? I can see paying money for some celeb or famous pornstar, but trash that you can pick up in any bar or club and take home after you drop some cash on drinks for them, why?


    ummm maybe because in order to get women of this caliber (for free) you have to either be famous, really good looking or have social status through the roof (ties into being famous). yeah, girls like the ones on this site really hang out at bars on weekends lol. i do agree with you though on them not being worth anywhere near 30K.

    just lol at the (sad) guys that end up marrying these girls later in life when their looks fade.

  5. With all due respect, I get girls at least this hot on a regular basis for, at most, maybe $300 USD — and often free. OK I live in Brazil, but still.

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