Can someone please go ask @bek_ee why she blocked us before requesting us. Seriously, ask. Curious as to what this #HummusDickSquatter will say. This is what I mean when I say some #Trollops have the IQ of a Spoon. Come on, make a fake profile at least. What a #TurkeySandwich.  Can’t see her profile, but from what I can see already it’s one big red flag. #BlessingsOnBlessingsHuh #HummusOnHummus #TagTheSponsor 

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  1. Another hooker ??

  2. You low lifes commenting on here are disgusting excuse for human being. You are keyboard warriors and you know in real life you would not stand a chance with any of these girls Hookers or not it’s none of your business

  3. Someone’s got their knickers in a twist! ??? touch a nerve did it? Are you the same, a cheap Ho ? Sounds like it ? wtf has it got to do with you anyway. Go fuck off

  4. Oh my my my ! Chloe Jones. Tsk tsk tsk! ?
    You seem rather wound up don’t YA!
    Calm down babe. You sound very defensive. Got something to hide, or maybe you aspire to be the same but are Even uglier than some of these bitches on here? ????either way,chill babe

  5. Calm down Chloe. Looool are u the same as them. A trollop?

  6. Maybe chloe is REBECCA??? angry Ho? Would explain da anger issue

  7. She got something to hide…

    I want to follow u but u still didnt accept my request bitXxes!! XD

  8. Stand a chance? Hookers take cash, as long as you pay their rate your chance is pretty much guaranteed, that’s literally their job.

  9. Well said Alka Seltzer! These whores go where the money is. They don’t a toss what the guy looks like. Greedy cash Ho’s

  10. Somebody give this hoe a cape! ???

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