Quoting submitter “Hey, how do I go about submitting the biggest trollop of all time to you? Can’t find a link on your website apart from the public comments. This trollop is next levels on all accounts. Managed to get herself pregnant by a premier league footballer after a one night stand and took him to court once the baby was born stating she wants 10k a month. She did get a house and a car out of it and a monthly pay check but fronts this as her own hard work and “blessings”. At the same time she’s laughing at ‘basic’ bitches and taunting girls who doesn’t have what she has. Her monthly pay check does not cover private jets or 10 louboutins a week but put together with trolloping and her sons money- she’s getting there ? but still, of course, she travels alone, claiming to get presents from “him” although “he” is never in pictures or tagged for that matter. She also likes her hummus and is coming to Dubai in a few weeks to stay for a month… She is not only a trollop but a vulgar, vile bully who thinks she got what she deserved in life. Let me know where I can submit this lovely lady please ?? ” #Trollop #WannaKnowWhatsRude #NotTaggingTheSponsor #RichDickSquatter #TagTheSponsor 

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  1. flightdeck floozie

    god youre not wrong about this one! Shes ugly as well, looks like someone who’d rob your house! which football player is the kid’s father?

  2. Wow! She rough ? karma will get this slut faster than she thinks ?

  3. flightdeck floozie

    check the inspirational quote on its instagram, doesnt take a genius to work out shes referring to us lot

  4. Ugly black bitch

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