Amber Mcculley Exposed As a trollop

Quoting submitter “This is Amber Mcculley , another IG model thinking she is doing the world a favor by living in it . Check the emails and Whatsapp convo i exchanged with her and be the judge on how she really makes money. This goes to prove that if Instagram is your modeling agency you are actually a sugar baby , escort , or a madam in this case.

Her email can be verified as it is on her instagram , phone number can be seen in her email sent to me.”



continued on whatsapp

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  1. To be fair, she did a pretty good job of deflecting his “fishing” for a damming response about the sexual favors part. Props to her for playing smart.

  2. Frank i mean Amber , iam sure that is you who wrote the first comment ,…you must be reading a different post . it is as clear as F*** that you fell for it and wanted that cash you WHORE

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