Episode 14 

  Guess what day it is?! Episode 14 of Take A Vote Tuesdays. You will help us decide if we should accept or deny a request by studying the potential #sponsorettes profile. Rules. You do not tip off the person, nor harass them until a verdict has been made, which will be made by midnight EST. Here we have  @mezcalicia?not sure if she’s trying to infiltrate, or just a fan. Let’s take a vote. EDIT: There’s no pleasing some of you, specifically those who are new to the page. If we post someone too obvious, some start talking shit and if we post someone whos hard to tell we get shit too. Stop taking this so serious. We’re not giving a death row verdict. Shit. Enjoy. #TagTheSponsor *comment below noting any redflags, feel free to elaborate why I should or shouldn’t accept* *Tips: You can check the kind if men she follows, photo map, trips, if she’s tagged with any potential sponsorettes, etc. Any supporting detailed comments will be used on the verdict caption.*
  The verdict is in for this weeks episode 14 of #TakeAVoteTuesdays. When it comes to @mezcalicia she is guilty. First of all this #DickSquatter blocked us before we even said the verdict. #GuiltTrip #RedFlag. I will now post some of the observations the fans noted in the comments. “def has a sponsor. cars, hotels, parties, but no job…travelling everywhere including Dubai, flashing expensive cars and flaunting being about “that life”, no mention of an actual job. She has photos all over the place including Dubai with no explanation. Also she posts a lot showing off her figure including a photo with material items such as the Rolls Royce.  Dubai , exotic cars, probably not hers , advertising her body , business email  all I see is  hummus bukaki and some more ..Amaze Tea detox sure isn’t paying her enough for those cars and Dubai trips. Definitely a whore. Got many trips to dubai, noticed comments by Arabs whose profiles show their flashy lifestyle..Definitely a sponsorette, been to Dubai, vain photos all the time by herself, #whatyourbusiness #bookingherforwhat Who is taking those photos of her while she is naked in the pool? Larry? Momo? Her only strong social media presence is on Instagram  Her Facebook is mostly private, no Twitter, no LinkedIn, no model mayhem profile. I’m not convinced she’s even using her real name. The only products I see her promoting are bikini’s and tea. What exactly is her “business” ? #dicksquating #dubaiportapotty ”  There you go, certified #Trollop. stay tuned for next weeks episode TakeAVoteTuesdays only on #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Wow! I called this Ho a prostitute on Instagram and she blocked me. What’s wrong with these whores ??

  2. ive been blocked by half of them as well and i like to mention tagthesponsor, bit touchy arent they?
    Hmm it says shes into animals…. German shepherd?

  3. Do something useful instead of being so active on this page or instagram following other girls lives. Seriously, don’t the two of you have something more important to do? Of course they block you. Its not nice to accuse people when they actually have a 8 Year university degree and 90% of the time working more than most people. Sometimes a luxurious lifestyle dosent combine well with the medical industry and having your own clinic.

  4. Are you on crack Andreas ? you deluded fool. ?

  5. Haaaaaaa!!! Andreas got his knickers in s twist. Calm down dude

  6. Kate and FF…. What are you two doing for a living? You seem very young and hateful. Kate and FF are making false accusations also on girls earning their own money from education and hard work. I personally know this person and saw one of these girls posting comments on the instagram account i’m talking about (recognized it under this post)Thats how I found this page. Thats probably why they don’t link their profession to the luxury lifestyle,- it rasist get misunderstood. And remeber…. Every single one of us has a story. Make sure your own is perfect before pointing fingers! Also friends have husbands that doesnt want to be recognized and assosiated with this luxury instagram fashion,- lawyers, doctors etc. I Will personally recommend this page and the people behind it to be looked closer by a new tv show coming up. Kate and KL Will be an interesting addition. Lets take a look at your probably not so successful lives and compare.

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