This is the #Trollop we exposed yesterday who’s constantly in #Dubai ? This is what happens when you get booked for 30k and #MohammedTheSheik dexters up the whole room. I wonder who gets paid more. The CSI clean up team or the #Sponsorettes ? #Momo hit up #AbdulTheScrub on the walking talkie “Shalam Shalalalam tarp the dungeon up, sharamutas land tunite!” Got the whole squad lined up chugging ballerina tea. Even the camels Finna get some western ass. Too bad they’ll never tag the sponsor. Watch them say it was a mud treatment at the spa. #UhhuhHunney #SpaDeezNuts #TagTheSponsor

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  1. #JustHummusAndWrapped#NowPissOnMyTongue

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