Can anyone answer me how is this #Trollop half naked in all her Dubai pics? Don’t you guys have the religion police? #ThisHoeMustBeFuckingSomePrinceSinceShesFeelingBoldAndAboveLaw #SponsoredByMohammedTheSheik #HummusCartelEliteMember #PussyGotMoreMilesThanEmiratesWholePlaneFleetPutTogether #BeenShatOnMoreThanHuggies #AbdulsPuppet #HumanDiaper #WhenAbdulAndMomoTakeLaxativesThisIsTheDispenser #HummusBukkakeHumanSuctionCup #GetsPokedMoreThanAKabob #WhoYouFoolingHoe #WhatDoYouReallyDoForALivingHuh #SponsoredBySabra #LivingLargeButNoKnownSourceOfIncome #IRSWaitingForHerAtUSCustomsRubbingTheirHandsLikeBirdMan #WhatExactlyAreWeBookingYouFor #WhatAreYourTalentsHuh #BeenGangbangedMoreThanABlockInCompton #LetsAskHerWhatSheDoesForALiving #ModelingMarketingRealstate #AHoesGoToCareer #HummusDickSquatter #TagTheSponsor

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  1. flightdeck floozie

    I was in a relationship with an Arab (not sponsor shite, pay 50/50 of course) and he always said that girls who write their name in Arabic, wear Muslim gear when theyre obviously not, have a necklace with their name in Arabic and wear all that heavy eye make up are after the D for cash.

    • not necessarily ! i mean there are Western women who are into the culture after visiting or living in the Gulf rather than trying to get the attention of Arab ( particularity Gulf ) men , that being said yes there are some apply to what you said (even North African Arabs does id in Dubai to get noticed)

      • yeah I personally find the culture interesting but when a girl is wearing an abaya and a few hours previously was half naked, disobeying local decency laws n pics of drunken nights over Instagram, its obvious what her abaya- wearing motives are :p

  2. guys can we start calling the D the Z? Arabic for the male genitalia is zub or zib, depending on your accent.

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