Our sponsor in DUBAI  Encounter with t_marievvip

Here’s a bit of the background story, one of our followers is a sponsor and joined one of the chat groups that we have. The sponsor is currently visiting Dubai for business, and last night decided to get a table at the club. Unconsciously drunk a sponsorette ended up giving him her number, the next day he thought he had reeled in some free poon. The screenshots are from the chat group as he told the story among other sponsors and the screenshots of the trollop. The trollop He encountered is apparently visiting DUBAI from Miami for a week.   #TagTheSponsor 


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  1. Whoaaaa! How old is this pensioner Ho? She looks 45 at least. What’s with the nose? Surely a sponsor can get this girl a rhinoplasty. On her Instagram it says she’s from the UK. She’s one ugly biatch and should take whatever she can. No haggling and bartering babe.

  2. My first thought, re: the pic and angle: “I’d love to take a big stinking dump on those titties.”

    In other words, tagthesponsor has poisoned my mind.

  3. She looks like a transvestite. Very manly.

  4. You A Model Huh?

    Her IG description is “Lifestyle Manager”. Lol. We “nose” better!

  5. Funny she put on her Instagram bio, YOUNG and successful.
    That’s a joke. She looks like a 40 year old bloke

  6. She looks like the back of my balls. Who pays for that stank ass? They are honestly just as gross as her.

  7. #LookAtMyFuckBellyWhileILeanAgainstSomeone’sCar

    Seriously, this girl is a heifer!! Look at the size of those legs and cankles in that desert picture! LOL

  8. MS_MARIE41
    This is this trollops new Instagram name now ?? the 41 part must surely be her REAL age.

  9. Kate I bet you look like miss Universe …not

  10. Ah ‘Chloe’ you still banging Qataris for cash babe? ?? you hound. Calm down calm down. ???✈️??

  11. That’s a man baby.

  12. so im confused now, who is chloe jones? is she off instagram or just a fan of the slags?

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