Episode 15

  Guess what day it is?! Episode 15 of Take A Vote Tuesdays. You will help us decide if we should accept or deny a request by studying the potential #sponsorettes profile. Rules. You do not tip off the person, nor harass them until a verdict has been made, which will be made by midnight EST. Here we have  @alexblanco6?not sure if she’s trying to infiltrate, or just a fan. Let’s take a vote. EDIT: There’s no pleasing some of you, specifically those who are new to the page. If we post someone too obvious, some start talking shit and if we post someone whos hard to tell we get shit too. Stop taking this so serious. We’re not giving a death row verdict. Shit. Enjoy. #TagTheSponsor *comment below noting any redflags, feel free to elaborate why I should or shouldn’t accept* *Tips: You can check the kind if men she follows, photo map, trips, if she’s tagged with any potential sponsorettes, etc. Any supporting detailed comments will be used on the verdict caption.*

  The verdict is in for this weeks episode 15 of #TakeAVoteTuesdays. When it comes to @alexblanco6 she is guilty. First of all this #DickSquatter blocked us before we even said the verdict. #GuiltTrip #RedFlag. I will now post some of the observations the fans noted in the comments. ” I would say no because if she isn’t a hoe she definitely is surrounded by some. Seems like dads money but that can’t sustain her so she is looking for ways to keep the lifestyle. Looks like a sponsorette in training. Hasn’t really travelled the world yet so she may not be a full blown escort yet. No booking info in her bio. Just looks like a bottle chaser who likes to party and front for Instagram. On her way though. In 5 years she will definitely be selling the poon. Dubai trip soon. She dresses like an escort. She had pics alone on different yachts. Pics indicate she has turned into a thot the past year or so. She may have rich dad but no matter how RicH daddy is he’s not paying her bills forever. I doubt she will make enough to support the life she had growing up. Just a rich chick whoring around.  Daddy got some money….not loads but some haha! Pic with Dan B messed it all up for her!! She might not be a sponsorette yet because she has been under daddy’s wallet, but rest assure now that her dad’s going to tell her to make her own money she will be having those “for business only” emails on her IG.

The car was dad’s, she tags where she got her shoes, at least she’s a college grad. She isn’t slanging it yet but if dad ever stops paying or life doesn’t continue to go her way she’ll resort so slangin the box.
  She’s the hoe in the group that’s really pretty and still has her dignity for now. And the sponsors she deals with probably allow her to not give up the twat due to the massive amounts of options. She’s just a stage one, but there’s hope she remains a good girl. I say she’s sponsored, but in a smaller scale. Just look at the Dan Bilzerian picture. Those women are around because him and his buddy have $$$$$. There are many ways of being a ho. It’s how you present yourself and when you are showing your ass off with 7 other women on someone ELSE’S yatch. I think this chick is wannabe sponsorette but not hot enough. She’s with trick daddy himself. Dan the legend Bilzeran. She was definitely slanging that twat like Boston George that day. Her consistency is debatable though #NotSure. she’s a delta let her in lol that means she was the ugly rich girl freshman year and got her swag towards graduation and got some implants from dad. She Stalking For A #sponsorette friend. 
At the moment she the type to get SPONSOR by Larry the ceo’s son not Larry himself. ” There you go, certified #Trollop. stay tuned for next weeks episode TakeAVoteTuesdays only on #TagTheSponsor 


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  1. Nah! She’s just from
    A rich family it looks like. Don’t think she’s sponsored at all.

  2. I was just notified that you guys decided to do a special piece on me. How sweet.
    I sent that request to follow so long ago so i had forgot I even sent it until someone told me I was being posted.
    First, I’m not a sponsorette or a future sponsorette. Second, only thing daddy bought was the cars. I’ve paid for everything else because I am a college graduate and work for everything I have and do.
    Thanks though!

  3. The voice in which i read “Guess what day it is?!” in my brain:

  4. Alex, #Let’sSeeThatPaycheckStub

  5. Are you a slut though? Sure lookalike it. You’ve made it in the world if you get on Dans yacht. #OneOfMany. ??????

  6. Akbarsfloozie.

    Anyone live in Najma area, near Gulf cinema/french bakery Blue Building? QR ALERT ??? akbars a coming for ya!

  7. THOT.

    Get errr’ done

  8. Please can you try encourage these sponsorette, we sponsors r running out of sponsorette.

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