@ginagiorgio & friend $15,000 for both she states she “always ends up on top” we know what she means by that. Here’s a background story. The sponsor was featured in a popular gossip blog that exposed Sophiabody. After been posted, a few Instagram Trollops flocked to his DMs looking to be sponsored. This one in particular has a boyfriend. Wonder what he would think. Enjoy. #TagTheSponsor

image image image image image image image 

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  1. Looks like some screenshots are missing … where is the price set, and how did it end?

  2. I think she deleted her IG. lol

  3. You A Model Huh?

    Here IG is gone in a puff of smoke! These #blessed bitches are magicians out here!

  4. Actually her and Sophia WERE close friends / hoes! Her and that gina chick go back to being hoes in canada before anybody even knew of "Sophia Body"

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