Serious questions for the skeptics. How do you think she affords the luxurious lifestyle? Early 20s all over Europe, back and forth trips to Dubai. You’d say modeling right? Find us one legit modeling campaign. We’ll wait. #TooManyRedFlags #TheSwedishTrollopsAreRising #AlmostCatchingUpToTheRussians #WhosFlyingYouAroundHuh #OhYourModelAgency #AkaMohammedTheShiek #TagHim #ScandinavianDickSquatter #TagTheSponsor

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  1. You A Model Huh?

    I’m not surprised at the rise of the #SwedishTrollop – I’ve spent a significant amount of time there and if you encounter any of the girls in the party scene (Stockholm mainly) there you’d know it wouldn’t take much of a leap for international trolloping.

  2. #NiceNaggerLips

  3. dude, her email is INSIDIOUTSIDE get it?? in and out? in and out in and out in and out in and out in and out and don’t pull out!!!!

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