I am baffled that the Trollop we previously posted would tell her gay friend to decoy as her boyfriend, and think we would believe it. I just checked out the dudes pictures and it yells #HOMO (no offense. I love everyone). But come on, you’re as flamboyant as they come and you have the audacity to DM us and play the straight boyfriend card where in every picture you look like you’re reminiscing about dick? Some people just ask to be posted. No we won’t take your fake ass medical student Trollop girlfriend off our page. People really underestimate ones intelligence. That’s your girl but have 0 pictures of her? And vice versa. Come on over I have this bridge id like to sell you hoe. #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Hahahaha!!! Desperate and failed attempt to redeem this slut. Failed miserably. OMG. Lmfao

  2. First, it was just smoke and this finally confirms it! She should have just let it go, to save face. A fag claiming to be her boyfriend and they don’t even have a picture together for a year on social media in this century. I just want her booking info cos #ISponsor

  3. Plenty of female escorts have male friends who do both gay and hetero escorting as well. Sometimes the same connectors/pimps/older whores/agencies are looking for both men and women for work.
    Men pay much more than elderly women. This guy clearly looks gay and I doubt he is a straight man in a relationship with a hottie. Those guys usually post the hot ass they are with, because they are proud of it. They don’t lie with duck-lips in bed as if shooting for Maxim.

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