Trollop requested us. Got that international #ISellPussy bodyshape. #SayNoToChapeo #FOH #TagTheSponsor Edit: these the type to gold dig for rent and light bills. They find a married dominican or drug dealer to pay the bills and support their 3 kids from 3 different fathers. Oh and let’s not forget, the hookah addiction with these trollops. These hoes burp hookah smoke and henny.

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  1. GROSS!!! LARD AZZ!!!

  2. Wtf is wrong with her body? My god that shape is fucked up. I’m gana throw up.

  3. “Yo Chapeo?” Doesn’t that mean “I hat?” Yo Gancho makes more sense, because that body is built by Dr. Centaur for hooking.

  4. Dominican women… I’m suprised you guys don’t have more if those here. These women, along with most that come from the carribean, will suck the soul straight out of your asshole if you even show that your above the poverty line. Imagine what they would of for Mohamed, lol.

  5. yea blood you need way more Dominicans on this website ..

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