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  1. I’m sure the people who follow girls like her aren’t the best type of people so that dog is going to end up in the wrong hands(bait dog or animal hoarder). What a fucking bitch.

  2. What a bad bitch. Getting rid of this dog. She needs a slap.

  3. Someone else adopted the dog already (who has two others) so hopefully she will take care of him

    • Good! How did you find out?

      • This post was also featured on Thedirty.com. Someone who follows her saw that someone else posted photos of her dog with her own pets, saying how glad she was to have him, and Corrie Yes responded that she was glad he had a good home. Her ex is some rich Vegas gambler named Dave who has recounted her coke jags and mentioned this is not the first animal she has given away because she can’t care for it.

  4. What a bitch! She needs to be checked.

  5. What a horrible human being. Thank God she at least realized she can’t take care of the dog.

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