Harassment in Dubai

  I found this to be interesting. Dubai has such a regulated and reserved society, at least in public. For some reason I’m a bit skeptical about this story. Can any of my fellow Dubai followers vouch that this situation could be plausible?  #GoToDubaiTheySaid #ItllBeFunTheySaid #ByTheyIMeanFellowCoHoes #TagTheSponsor EDIT: oh and yea she is def selling pussy out there. Not skeptical about that.

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  1. She’s telling the truth. My sister went to Dubai with our brother and the men would go up to them thinking my brother was her pimp. If she was on her own they’d ask if she was working that day. It’s really sad and it’s put me off visiting

  2. I call BS. If she had a view of the Burj she was most likely at Jumeirah beach. Last I was there it was littered with scantly clad tourists, mostly British.

    Dubai knows it’s main income is tourism and makes sure stuff like this doesn’t happen.

  3. This will be the FREE beach that she went to full of dirty pakis and indian construction site workers.
    They are not local Arabs that have chased her, but dirty smelly pakis and Indians. No one normal goes to the FREE beach. Stupid bitch

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