How the fuck are you into fitness when your ass and tits and 80 percent of your body is fake. I don’t get how these Trollops have the audacity to call themselves fitness models when they’re all botched as fuck. And what are we booking for you for? We’ll wait. What talents can you bring to the table to in order to better my business or whatever “business” inquiry we’d be booking you for. Other than you squatting on this dick and deflating my balls for 20k I don’t see any other reason for the booking in bio. Specially with that yahoo bullshit. And fashion? Hahaha she states fashion. You dress like you just got off the boat from Colombia in the 70s. Gaudy as fuck. Your style screams daddy issues, attention seeking. I must admit great marketing for the pussy trade industry, then again you don’t sell pussy huh. “Live the lifestyle don’t chase the results” of course the vague pseudo intellectual quote on the bio is the cherry on top. That’s the signature move of every Trollop to try and sound as deep as her vagina. Subconsciously knowing she lacks brain cells, always tries to over compensate with a dumb ass quote that makes no sense thinking they can trick us into believing they’re some sort of life guru. #FOH #ShutUpAndTakeThisDick #WireTransferDickSquatter #TagTheSponsor

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  1. She’s been passed around like a hot potatoe does this hoe think anyone will ever wife her dumb hooker ass? Yah that’s exactky the way you gonna get someone to put a wrong on it with you over inflated lips and face looking a god damn 60 year old transvestite who pumos her self out on IG for followers and sugar daddy’s . Morgan you will akways and forever be a dumb cunt and eventually clean toilets for a living everybody knows you are a thirtsty ass insecure desperate hooker who has nothing going on in your failure waste of a life . Plesase jill yourself and do the human race a favor

  2. disgusting hooker…not even pretty that kim k wannabe

  3. how long is her old ass gonna escort for? no amount of surgery or photoshop will make you beautiful or give you class hoe

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