So after the Lord was posted on a few blogs he “please sponsor me” messages started pouring in some girls going not holding back in hopes to get sponsored by the man as yoy will see today this girl was one of those who did not hold back… This is just another glimps into the future so untill next week take care.

Please note: the following content does contain explicit images. Not all nudes were posted. 
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  1. TrollopsSqualliesSameShit

    Another one bites the hummus..

  2. $5k?? I bang girls like this one pretty much whenever I want to in Rio or São Paulo for between FREE and $91 per hour all-in, maybe $100 for an overnight. I can understand the plastic barbies asking for $5k and up, especially if they really are being shat on, but just a cute slim black girl? **boggle** I mean, I’d totally hit that, just not for that price

  3. What she lacks in class she makes up for by being direct.

  4. 5k for her ghetto ass?

    Be it 5k, 50-100k + travel + shopping, I will say this: the cheapest woman is usually the one you have to pay for.

    All of these women are fucking trash.

    • Why so bothered? You couldn’t even pull a girl like this in your dreams, you inbred bigot. The comment about being ‘ghetto’ was blatantly racist and uncalled for. You seriously need a life.

  5. This broad already blocked me. lol

  6. Al Bakers watching ….??

  7. Her face looks like the back of my balls.

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