Dont be fooled even signed models are slinging the poon. The new thing going on is that these women set up fake businesses to front where they get their income from, real state, agencies, adversiting unknown products. For example these two have a marketing agency. Which I’m sure if you were to hire them for marketing services you’ll probably get the excuse that they’re too booked or never get back to you. Those lavish trips and flossy lifestyle is paid by business men. Stop trying to fool people like you don’t sell pussy. These are the same girls with pretentious and pompous captions, like they have morals and saints. Anyways, enjoy.                      

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  1. This bitch’s profile hasn’t gone private yet so get in the digs while you can!

  2. Her Instagram just went private literally in front of my face. Five minutes before, someone named @sonic_boom outed her as being on this site..so she knows now. Lmao I’m consistently amazed at the stupidity of these women. Just because someone says they have money that they want to give you in exchange for sex, IT DOESNT MEAN ITS TRUE. People can say whatever. I’m amazed they send photos and have explicit discussions in which everything is being WRITTEN DOWN, irrefutably, with a total stranger. Do they not fear any type of prosecution? I don’t think soliciting charges would look good on your record, sweetie. They have no idea how lucky they are that these messages are from tagthesponsor. This could be a lunatic luring them out somewhere to murder them, legit, and they’re fine with it. They are utterly blinded by their greed, and believe what they’re told because they want to believe they can just get paid for laying on their backs because they’re just soooo beautiful, they don’t need real jobs. Well, now, Jenny Young, you are immortalized as a whore on the Internet forever, world with end. You had better hope your future employers don’t use Google. All for what? A little bit of money. I just wish I could have seen her face. I love you guys.

    • Her IG went private a second after I went on it too! HAHAHA Good God! I also wish I could see their faces when they find out that they got faked out on IG. Serves them well though. Before their whore-ish activities are made public, they have people believing that they are actually working and able to afford to live this lavish lifestyle. They have the nerve to call girls who actually work for a living “basic” and all those other whore-terms. Any woman who sells herself and allows rich men (no matter what their race) to urinate and defecate on them in exchange for trips, money, cars, clothes and shoes that will go out of style next year is the definition of basic.

      I said it before and I’ll say it again: THE CHEAPEST WOMEN ARE USUALLY THE ONES YOU HAVE TO PAY.

      That is the beauty of the Internet because these whores are being exposed and they don’t realize that when their looks fade (personally I think a lot of them look like the back of my balls), all the clothes they have are outdated and they’ve snorted up all the money they made through a drug habit, they won’t be able to even get a job as a receptionist because any potential employer will just google them.

      So, the joke is on them.

  3. She just changed her IG to @FREEDOMGODDESSLOVER

  4. Lmaoooooooooooooo

    How humiliating. I think she deleted her page. Well paid escorts is what these bitches are. Nothing more, nothing less.

  5. Lmaooooooooo

    How humiliating! She deleted her page entirely I think lol. Well paid escorts is what these bitches are lol.

  6. The high class models make $1k an hour or more and if you make an offer for that much I’m sure most if not all the women mentioned on the site would go for it. Only dzubaolya and maybe one or two others mentioned on this site are in that class. As for the rest, I’m sure if you paid a fortune they’d be happy to provide marketing services.

  7. she change her @ to @ @freedom_goddess

  8. You have to request to follow this bitch now.

  9. You A Model Huh?

    This one was a slam dunk.

  10. This bitch even shut down her fuckin’ website!!! LOL Oh man….TTS cut deep on this one!!! lol

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