#CelloTheOilHeir’s sidekick at work calling #Trollops out. @cellodx looks like she’s a #HummusCartel recruiter. This is how #SlingingPussy starts. First you take a few sexy provocative pictures (for no reason at all, just likes) that confirm daddy issues, then you get your followers up, then fellow #CoHoes will try to recruit you for commission. Once they notice their holes are worth something, the booking in bio comes. For business inquiries only: tammyfox69@aol.com. It’s a domino effect. Once you make it big around 60k followers and up, sponsors start noticing you. Then if you get #MohammedConstantlyShittingOnYou and wiring you money, now you need to set up a front business to launder that money. So of course, you then list in your bio, that you do marketing or real state, or some sort of vague cliche business tittle, like entrepreneur. These hoes are smart, for the most part. Don’t be fooled by the pseudo intellectual deep captions, they know how to market the pussy. Oh and don’t even get us started on the abundance of fitness models now a days. These hoes go to colombia or Dominican Republic and come back with abs, ass, and tits, with a shredz tank top or sipping fit tea. #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Get on it guys follow now before they lock it up…this way you can enjoy the barrage of insults she’s about to get someone already #taggedthesponsor on one of these chicks pages its about to blow up ?

  2. Kayladelancey just started deleting nasty comments ???? oh man this is just great. I nominate tagthesponsor for president. Let’s make this country better, one humiliated ho at a time!

  3. She, Zoe, left out the part where she asked for more details and then thought about it for a day and got back to her in agreement with making 85G’s in 3-months. Why were you born a man again?

  4. do taz angels!

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