The #TazHoes have been submitted over 500 times, but who’s counting. The reason we haven’t featured them is because it’s too obvious. Haven’t encountered a person who’s surprised when mentioning that these hoes sell pussy. These #Trollops have fucked every rapper from Rick Ross to Flava flave burnt ass. These bitches have mooched at LIV the equivalent amount of water that the Hudson River holds in champagne. These #PavementPrincess shit and piss Dom and grey goose. Their diet consists of emptying the ballsacks of NBA/NFL athletes and MC’s. 94% of Miami socialites recognize these trollops and would tell you what they do. Which is why we’ve never featured them. It’s like posting a picture of water and captioning it “water is wet”. Too obvious. But for those of you not aware, now you know. These hoes pussies combined bring more income than a child cancer fund organization. And if you’re not in the upper six figure bracket don’t even look in their direction. I wonder which one will be the first to be knocked up by an NFL player. I’d say the freckled one. Seems to be the thottiest. #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Proof or it didnt happen

  2. Real talk prove it or credibility lost this isnt an assumption site need proof not personal opinion. No ones been able to say theyve fucked a taz angel girl. I know rappers know athletes they all get denied

  3. Why do you need proof when these dumb ass broads pretty nuch admit it, bragging "your daddy is a trick"

  4. finally some regular chicks .. but 6 figures?? that’s how hood b1tches think nowadays? 6 figures???

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