How ironic the hoe is covered in what looks to be doo doo and then you got an Arab commenting come to Dubai. You can’t make this shit up. #NoPunIntended. Homie AlMurad’s fetish feen started to itch once he saw this picture. I’m convinced these trollops posts these kind of images to get a rise out of Middle eastern sponsors and lure them in. No joke. We are figuring this shit out b. It’s like an underground black market hidden language. With some fucked up innuendos. Like hey look at me, 30k and I’ll look popping covered in your waste. We’re still studying these social media trollops since it’s new and all we are picking up patterns. #TagTheSponsor

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  1. The rumor is she is a post op former escort

  2. How comeI can’t commentOn uhdozenroses she’s nuts if she thinks she is worth 5k at most 300 bucks ! She ain’t even that hot atleast go work out lazy ass so u can b worth a little more

  3. This one is well known ho in dubai. She has been used and abused..

  4. LOL that’s not the Kempinski either.

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