“Trollop up and out of nowhere starts posting all over FB and IG about being in Vegas all the time. Pics with random dudes, exotic cars and places. She doesn’t have enough to natural class or grave to make those kind of friends without opening her legs. Not to mention has a daughter she never sees nor posts” #HowSway #WhatDoYouDoForALiving #VegasHuh #RedFlag #PussyGotMoreMilesThanTheHelicoptersBladeRPM #LivingLargeButNoSignsOfIncome #SpreadsEagleForRedBottomsAndGreyGoose #GivesUpThePussyForCoolPicsAndLikes #BottleRatAcademyAlumni #SponsoretteFreshman #ExpectThisTrollopWithMohammedSoon #Miami2016 #Dubai2017ForHerGraduationAndHummusInnitiation #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Inlovewiththeblues

    If you scroll down to the very bottom of her ig page and go up, you see the "evolution": first came the tats. Then the random guys start appearing. Then the "#vip" posts. Slowly but surely the lavishness of the pics start going up. Somewhere along the way she (or a sponsor) got implants. Less and less pics of her kid. All without any mention of how she got to where she was nor her job. Almost unnerving really when one is in the know…

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