Remember we mentioned when trollops try to sound deep with their pseudo intellectual quotes? Check it out.  Come look at this shit here *kevin hart voice*. #PavementPrincess Talking about she’s never alone. Bih we know you’re never alone. Who taking the pics? Or flying you all over the world, private jets and yachts. Save yourself the trouble from typing that long wack ass quote just shut up and look pretty. Doubt you’re flown around to be a life guru. Doubt Larry showers you in trips and gifts to pick out your brain. Next time just simply #DontBeAfraidToTagTheSponsor

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  1. She needs to share her benzos, I only understand drug speak when people share their stash with me.

  2. Save me the dissertation, just SUCK ME OFF NOW AND SHUT THE HELL UP!! F-in beotch!

  3. Im SO grateful I found this page , I swear when I was reading your little synopsis it was like you were in my head . This last year I also have noticed and made plenty of mention ( with hilarious memes of course ) the recent surge in "sponsorettes" all over IG. And you’re exactly right , there’s ALWAYS the the tell-tell symbols in their photos : red bottoms, 90% selfies /booty pics , 5% quotes about getting money and how independent they are and 5% lavish vacation pics that they always seem to be mysteriously alone in, and the of course … The booking info- oh yes , I’ve got all the glorious memes on my timeline that poke fun and call out these hoes(I’m hiphopjunkiejjd btw, I hope you accept my request , ha) So elated someone’s taken the time to expose such wicked , superficial , Tom foolery. These "models" desperately need to be humbled .

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