Erin Budina & Reem Haddad Across The Atlantic Whore Ring

Here is the Whatsapp convo i had with Erin Budina from London,UK (IG:erin_budina) after she ditched her pimp as she first provided me with his number in emails exchanged to arrange with. You can read in the convo that she is selling her self and some other so called instagram models from London(UK) , as well as few other girls from the US (Miami & LA) by arranging with  her friend Reem Haddad (IG:reemtheequeen) who is acting as a madam out of LA even though she is a member of a Church in Granada Hills,California  …….

The girls photos that were sent by email (below convo) in order : 1-Erin Budina, 2-Reem Haddad , 3-Aidan Nycole (Miami) , 4-Kristina Hall(LA) , 5-Seled Calderon (Miami) , 6-Maria Galan (Miami) , 7-Sahara ,London (IG: iamsaharasantos), 8-Isabella , London (IG: isabellajohnsonwers) , 9-Donya ( Egyptian/British ) based in Dubai

 emails addresses that forwarded girls photos to me below

From: Reem Haddad <>
Date: 1 May 2015 21:25:36 BST
Subject: #4

These are the girls that tag their photos with #BLESSED when on a yacht , private jet , and a fancy car . a bunch of whores no more no less.


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  2. You A Model Huh?

    Lol. That Talbee girl had "your WCW is paying a pimp" post on her instagram. The irony.

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