Yachting essentially known in the sponsor world as Thotting. A #Trollop embarks a 3-6 hour yacht charter where acts of degrading occur. For instance if a #Sponsorette wants to scream and shout or try to escape after changing her mind, yachting would be the way to go. No echoes, and no chance to escape. This is the number one choice for middle eastern sponsors to do their dirt. Second would be the animal compound or a whole secured floor at a prestige hotel. This is a good example, you will often see a picture of the #PavementPrincessAlone but who took the picture and who’s yacht is that? Why is she alone? It’s not uncommon to see a dozen + women on a yacht anywhere around the world. They’re usually bottle rats reeled in by promoters for parties onboard. But when it’s just one or two Trollops alone on a yacht, you know what time it is. Look up prices to charter a large yacht, do you think a friend will spend that amount in order to get nothing in return from women who look starved of morals, drawn on eyebrows and 8384CC implants? Do the math. It’s simple, just #TagTheSponsor

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