Repost from @rolex_enforcer double bust, @fabbysalazar chilling on a Yacht with the ultra fugazi #Fublot big bang … terrible subdial spacing and non existent configuration are clear giveaways here … she looks like she gets sponsored as well @tagthesponsors lol 



Repost from @theassenforcer, So I realize I’ve been gone for a while but today is really a special day.. We have the first ever TRIPLE BUST, that ass is fake! Here fabby salazar our newest sponsorette fresh off the boat from Nicaraguaaaa decides she can fool @rolex_enforcer with a frivolous #Fublot and an ass faker than a 3 dollar bill. what are the tells? Notice the stomach is skin tight? Belly fat was ejected and allocated to other resources. I noticed shes already denying the watch so all you can say is  #ShutUpAndTakeThatDick! @tagthesponsors @rolex_enforcer


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  1. …and the Hublot is a fake low-end quartz…

  2. where is this belly-showing picture you speak of?

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