Today everyone’s getting the law involved huh. You see, Ashli Auguillard, there’s this thing called Google. We probably would’ve considered taking the post down if you were just honest. But you go on this rant that you’re only 17 and 17 is not legal, but quick background check says you’re 22 and a college student in Louisiana. Another thing, our fans do not have the time to send “A bunch of threats by email”. That’s another lie. The only thing that is true is that we did not post the email which you denied the 30k and just said you wanted a good time, which you worded in a way where you still wanted the money but didn’t want to incriminate yourself as a prostitute. Also what kind of 17 year old goes on business trips with older men? The more you lie and fabricate that lame ass naive facade the more well expose. So go ahead call the CIA, the pope, queen Elizabeth, Denzel Washington, whoever the fuck you want. We’ll make sure our legal interns get some practice. #TagTheSponsor

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