Apparently this #Trollop saw the Lord in Puerto Rico. I guess dementia and psychosis is rubbing off on her from fucking so many old people. Just reeled in another of your #wcw effortlessly. You know you’re dealing with a hoe when you no longer have to inquire about arranging the sale of pussy, but when it’s thrown at you like the jeova witness knocking on your door. Enjoy your weekend and always #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Love the page& what you guys do. Buuuut- this girl wasn’t even trying to sell herself (yet.) I feel like you guys should’ve baited her into it like you do for all the others before putting her up here. Doesn’t smell like a sponsorette to me…

  2. you know damn well blood isn’t looking for a black woman with all that money he has… racism will always exist baby

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