Polish #DickSquatter based in Dubai, traveling all over the world alone, with no known source of income or job. Who takes her pictures all over the world? Buddy of ours based In Dubai gave us the full report on this one. Lives off a Wealthy banker from Dubai who’s back and forth from London. Sponsors her an apt and car, while she still sells on the side. But of course fronts like a model and stylist. #HerPussyValueGoingDownLikeTheStockMarketCrash #BitchLookingLikeABurntBaseballGlove #WhatDoYouDoForALiving #HumanDiaper #ProDickSquatter #SlamsDunkThePussyForRedbottomsAndAirMiles #HummusRecipient #PussyGotMoreMilesThanTheSquareFootageOfTheSaharaDesert #WhoYouFooling #PussySoWorkedUpItGotInsurance #TrollopComesWithLaxativesAnd30PercentOffTarpsAtAnyHardwareStore #TagTheSponsor

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  1. She is a well known whore in Poland pretending to be glamour model and paying for her own photo shoots. She’s been selling her pussy from age of 15 to old guys in return for designer clothes

  2. faktycznie, buty nie-turystyczne

  3. haha really funny…as someone wrote below- she pretends to be a model ..and telling people she can afford on many things (holidays, expensive clothes, etc) as her parents & gandpa are really rich:PLOL

  4. healthy-minded human

    I don’t know who created this site, but I bet you’re fat and ugly …and very bored in life btw 🙂 Not every girl who travels and has original clothes etc is a whore. As you may notice (or you’re too blinded by hate) she was in Dubai with her friends (who she knows for ages) and the rest of her photos come from holidays with mother or her ex boyfriend. Now that she has a new boyfriend means she’s a sucker? I think the only person who suck is you, sorry 🙂 And by the way don’t forget that what you do is illegal – nobody deserves reading such a things about themselves and nobody can write such a things without consequences 🙂

    • Woah, Julia, relax. Why the animosity? Commenting on your own post I see. Anyways, you left out a few cliches. Like calling me broke and living in a basement. But yes, I am indeed very obese and an eye sore, broke and living in my grannies basement. But none of that negates the fact that you are still selling pussy, and taking loads from Sheiks and 64 year old CEO’s. You are a full functioning diaper, that gets shipped around like a used fleshlight. You mention so many holidays with your mom and boyfriend. Where are they? Hmm we’ll wait. What I do is illegal? Then why are you wasting your time commenting, you should be trying to sue us! I have a bridge to sell you too! You ended the comment a bit passive aggressive, with some sort of snide remark, I bet you your consequences will be worst than mine. PS. Try to gather as many sponsors as possible before summer ends, at the rate you’re aging, your sugar walls value is going down $500 each month that passes. And remember on your next trip with your "Mom and BF" make sure you still try and #TagTheSponsor

      • Hehehe..that was great post. And obviously these bitches want to hide what they really do.. Sorry but i saw at my own eyes -as im from Poland& many rich arab pple here-so these whores lick their ass for gift and moneys..such shamefull! Arab have just laugh on them and they think about them as a one use diaper exactly-not respect.

  5. Ciekawe, młoda dziewczyna 23 lata, zdjęcia ciagle z wakacji modne i drogie ciuchy to w takim razie czym sie zajmuje gdzie pracuje ze ja na to stac?

  6. healthy-minded human

    i forgot to mention………..wake up and stop dreaming about your buddy based in dubai source:D

  7. healthy-minded human

    deleting comments??? i see truth hurts 😀 😀 hahahahahha that’s all you can do, poor girl owning this site, speaking bad about other people 🙂

    and remember, karma has no deadline :))))))

  8. healthy-minded human

    you deleted a comment which proved i’m not julia and you deleted one:) dont act more stupid than you are:)

  9. Can’t stop laughing she pretends to be a model??

  10. you should have protect the idenitity of all those poor camels behind. blur their faces or put a thin black strip.

  11. healthy-minded human

    she never said she is a model stupid people 🙂 and btw idiot you should know se is not "based in dubai" hahaha 🙂 jaki wlasciciel strony takie informacje 🙂

  12. Everybody know that she will do ANYTHING for old guys who has money. She has expensive Clothes, hollidays and she never worked.

  13. Julia eats Arab shit

    She is a sponsorette and everyone knows that already fucking for money dirty slut all Warsaw laughs at you JuliaStupid whore commenting under this post hahahha Everyone knows it’s you Julia

  14. Her family is poor as fuck and even her mum is sponsorette in Sopot

  15. How much u take for 1h Julia?

    "Sex AT the city" hahahahahahah English on point "super well educated from rich family" ???

  16. Julia Dybowska to zwykla, tania, dziw….

  17. Julia Dybowska, how much you take for 1h?????

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