For fucks sake. What will these #DickSquatters do when their blow up doll looks fade. I’m convinced this one has shit for brains. Just dangle something shiny in her face and game on. Let’s analyze this #Trollops post. This by far might be one of the dumbest #Sponsorettes ever posted. Let’s start off with the horrible photoshop, you’d think its a troll post trying to be funny making fun of the hoes that are shaped like donkey kong if he wore a corset. But then you move on to the caption, in hopes that she’ll say some shit like “lol bitches be like” but no. This hoe really tries to sound deep, with a fucking quote that makes no sense and has a horrible grammar. She must’ve been thinking of her sugar walls when writing it, hence the “loose” part. Bitch sunk her stomach horrible and ass warped. Looking like a fucking queen ant. Burnt over half my brain cells analyzing this picture. This will be the hoe at the club you try to hit on and ask you what will you bring to the table hahaha. #BookingInBioHuh #OhYouAShowStopper #BitchPickUpABookAndDropTheDickForANight #DelusionalTrollop #TagTheSponsor

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